Babel’s Edge business model is based on 17+ years of experience delivering cybersecurity service in the US federal Government space. The goal of this initiative is to support inventors monetize their patents by delivering to the industry a unique value proposition that is not readily available in the marketplace today.

Our unique value proposition is that we are focused towards developing a “positive” approach towards generating revenue for individual patent holders. This approach is vastly different from the usual patent research and infringement litigation business where you are hoping that a service provider or broker is going to find an infringement and get some money from the opposing party.

Our business model is based on the positive revenue model where we leverage the patents we represent to sell to industry and interested parties a curated stack of patents in the technology sub domain area which has been worked on our subject matter experts in the domain to develop a unique solution that could be a valuable asset as a sum or parts to the industry.

This is based on feedback that we have heard over time that acquiring a set of patents that are adjacent in terms of domains / technologies are more valuable and the industry would like to work with a one stop shop like us to acquire / license these patents.

In summary, the ability to support the industry by providing an ecosystem that focuses on the technology domain provides an avenue for individual patent holders to monetize their patents in a risk-free “success fee” based model. 

Babel’s Edge Inc. is a subsidiary of NXTKey Corporation that deliver technology solutions globally to the government and commercial sectors with offices in USA, Rwanda and India.

We have ISO 9001, 20000, 27001, 56002 and CMMI L3 certified processes to ensure adherence to the highest level of quality, cybersecurity, service delivery and innovation management standards.